Pass-Through Entity Tax Filing: Sasserath & Co. Navigates Tough Situation to Save Client Significant Funds

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As Ben Franklin once said, “In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” Modern-day accountants might add another certainty: pass-through entity tax returns filed in New York State cannot be amended or adjusted once filed according to NYS rules. This usually holds true, unless Sasserath & Co. is on the case.

The pass-through entity tax deadline is March 15. After a client mistakenly filed an incorrect return that would have cost them tens of thousands of dollars extra in taxes, they turned to Sasserath & Co. for help. Our client thought they were out of luck, but we stepped in and relentlessly pursued a solution. While most people would have given up before getting started, Sasserath & Co. stayed committed to the task, navigating through the maze of phone prompts, recordings, automated menus, and hold periods until we reached a person at the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.

Even after receiving an answer that nothing could be done, our team refused to give up, escalating the issue multiple times to different supervisors until someone at the Department of Taxation and Finance finally gave us the result we were looking for. Lifting the burden off our client, Sasserath & Co. was able to save them money and a huge headache, changing a foregone conclusion into a success story.

That’s the kind of dedication the Sasserath & Co. team puts into our work. Each client receives the utmost professionalism and care. Just when our client thought they were out of options, our team was able to step in and turn things around.

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